The rapid growth of commercial space positions it at the forefront of innovation and activities relating to the expanding use of space. Militaries have much to gain from commercial space as they attempt to unlock the full potential that space-enabled capabilities can provide for military activity, but this will also introduce new dynamics into the competition for dominance.

Dr. Malcolm Davis, Senior Analyst, Australian Strategic Policy Institute, Australia

Military capability development is a highly complex process, and when it happens in a multinational context, the complexities increase significantly. Militaries manage these complexities using several models, but each model presents trade-offs. The most relevant trade-off is between coordination and political costs on the one hand and economic and military benefits on the other.

Dr. Bence Nemeth, Senior Lecturer, Defense Studies Education, King’s College London, United Kingdom

Open innovation (OI) models represent a new strategy inducing huge transformation for defense organizations such as air forces and their industry partners, particularly lead systems integrators. The shift from closed to OI models has become essential, but implies paradigmatic changes to be managed relating to the design and appraisal of complex military programs.

Dr. Valérie Merindol, Professor and Co-Director, newPIC Chair, Paris School of Business, France